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Snow and Science Double Dip - On Assignment for the NYT's

A funny sort of twist of fate that I ended up on two section fronts for the Sunday New York Times last week.  One was the Travel Cover, which ran a story I shot last year about backcountry skiing in Oregon.  This involved me learning to backcountry on the job, while attempting not to kill my cameras (this is a mission I failed). Huge thanks to Three Sisters Backcountry for ensuring I didn't die. The second was for Sunday Business, a profile of intel's director of user experience research, Dr. Genevieve Bell.  Not everyday you get to a bond with a robot and roam the halls of Intel.

Two very different projects, both ones that pushed me as a photographer.  Which is what I love about working for The Grey Lady. Plus, I'm not gonna lie, seeing your pictures printed huge is kinda cool too.


On Location - The Rose Festival - Newspace Center for Photography Photo Workshop

Just taught a class at Newspace Center for Photography on how to create compelling images at Portland's Rose Festival. Students learned how to hone their own personal style while shooting the Rose Parade, City Fair, and the Milk Carton Boat Races. So sorry you missed it.  But....I'm teaching another class this summer at Newspace, Finding Your Documentary Passion. d2f85634d06811e2a73f22000a9e28ad_7 a495e176d13011e2aeed22000a9f13be_7 RoseFest_edit-28 RoseFest_edit-36 RoseFest_edit-24 RoseFest_edit-19 RoseFest_edit-15 RoseFest_edit-11 RoseFest_edit-4 749b158ccfd611e2af2c22000a9e510c_7

1859 Editorial Photography Workshop

As always, had an amazing time co-teaching an editorial photography workshop with Joni Kabana. The best part of the class is that the students will have their images published in an upcoming issue of 1859 Magazine, a publication near and dear to my heart (and not just because the give me awesome assignments). Participants learned some insider tips regarding fulfilling a magazine editorial assignment and then hit the streets to put the work in action. So excited to see which images will be selected for the layouts.  The selected photos from the weekend shooting and critique have been uploaded to 1859 Magazine, where the creative director will select final images for print and online use.  Special thanks to Sarah Cross and Christopher Onstott for helping out with the class, and taking these awesome photos.  Couldn't have done it with out you.

20130309_Sarah-1859-4 20130309_Sarah-1859-8 20130309_Sarah-1859-23 20130309_Sarah-1859-13 20130309_Sarah-1859-1-2 20130309_Sarah-1859-14 20130309_Sarah-1859-19 20130309_Sarah-1859-10 _MG_9146 _MG_9132