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Seaside Oregon is Cooler Than You Remember

If you had asked me two months ago what my thoughts were about Seaside, OR the three words that would have come to mind were....bumper cars, salt water taffy, and tacky.  Well, turns out only two of those were right.  Was there photographing for 1859 Magazine and I'm not quite sure what happened, but Seaside sure has changed its ways.  Now I'm not saying they have gotten rid of the dreamsicle taffy, the 80-year-old aquarium, or the mechanical great white shark, but the town has a new vibe.  Seaside Brewing Co.has popped up, in, of all places, the old 1914 city jail.  The Promenade is looking rather spiffy and goes for miles.  Maybe it's the new obsession with all things old, or my love of a gold Trans Am but suddenly tacky is looking rather fab.  Or maybe that's just the $1 jello shots from Big Kahuna Bar and Grill talking. 20140521_seaside_154 20140521_seaside_220 20140520_seaside_013 SideBySide_VerticalImages1 SideBySide_VerticalImages2 20140521_seaside_137 20140521_seaside_153 20140521_seaside_207 4-SideBySide1


1859 Editorial Photography Workshop

As always, had an amazing time co-teaching an editorial photography workshop with Joni Kabana. The best part of the class is that the students will have their images published in an upcoming issue of 1859 Magazine, a publication near and dear to my heart (and not just because the give me awesome assignments). Participants learned some insider tips regarding fulfilling a magazine editorial assignment and then hit the streets to put the work in action. So excited to see which images will be selected for the layouts.  The selected photos from the weekend shooting and critique have been uploaded to 1859 Magazine, where the creative director will select final images for print and online use.  Special thanks to Sarah Cross and Christopher Onstott for helping out with the class, and taking these awesome photos.  Couldn't have done it with out you.

20130309_Sarah-1859-4 20130309_Sarah-1859-8 20130309_Sarah-1859-23 20130309_Sarah-1859-13 20130309_Sarah-1859-1-2 20130309_Sarah-1859-14 20130309_Sarah-1859-19 20130309_Sarah-1859-10 _MG_9146 _MG_9132       

Running around in circles for 1859 Magazine

Hot off the presses....the most recently photographed Alberto Salazar and his stable of runners for the March/April issue of 1859 magazine.  Had maybe 5 minutes for the portrait, so it involved a fair bit of lighting set up before hand, dodging raindrops and stealing....ahem, borrowing, a ladder (thanks Nike!).  Alberto was a nice guy but definitely not one to let a portrait shoot get in the way of practice.  He is an in demand man and I enjoyed watching him seamlessly juggle jogging the track while talking on his phone and giving encouragement to his athletes.  Way to multitask Alberto.  And thanks to 1859 Editor Kevin Max and my producer Christopher Onstott for keeping me laughing as I lay belly down stalking muddy tennis shoes. blog-leah-03 blog-leah-04blog-leah-02