NYT - Artist Chris Johanson

Artist Chris Johanson posed at home for me, and the New York Times.  Chris is low key but is making big waves with a monograph out this year on his work out from Phaidon. Such an interesting guy, sweet, quirky, with a knack for saying things unlike anyone I'd ever heard.  Example.  Instead of saying, "Should I smile?" he says, "I'm feeling happiness now, would you like me to show it?"  Perfect. His home was crammed with art (a man after my own) most of which he had swapped with his fellow countrymen, all of which had a story.  Spent about 45 minutes with him and then an extra 30 with that cookie cutter, figuring out the best way to shoot the damn thing (note: kitchen background most successful).  When I finished and am out the door, Chris peeks his head out of his front door and says, "You have a nice way about you.  I had fun."

Aw schucks.

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