The Artist Known as Joe Sacco

Joe Sacco let me invade his home for a recent portrait for the  Pretty amazing to say that your job is a cartoonist, I mean, who actually has that job besides him and maybe Charles Schulz.  Love that light cutting across his face from the blinds and it is always tickles me how many different images you can take from the same room.  Joe just smiled indulgently and told me stories of his father while I circled him.  Joe started in journalism, which, as a recovering newspaper photographer, is near and dear to my heart. Just recently crashed his house again for a holiday party, where Joe was DJing and making a mean hot toddy. What a renaissance man. 20131004_Sacco_021 20131004_Sacco_004 20131004_Sacco_009 20131004_Sacco_023 20131004_Sacco_012 20131004_Sacco_015 20131004_Sacco_001 20131004_Sacco_027 20131004_Sacco_032