Chasing His Holiness

Back in May I got a call from Mandala Magazine requesting I photograph the Dalai Lama during his visit to Portland.  My response was, "Dalai Who?" No, of course not. My response was pretty much the response I give when any amazing, awesome, and life altering assignment comes my way, which is, "That sounds cool. When do I start?" My job was to photograph His Holiness, who for those in the know is referred to as HHDL, as he visited the Mandala offices and gave a talk after.  He reminds me a bit of Yoda; incredibly wise, a bit cheeky, very curious, and incredibly fast.  I basically felt like I was chasing him around the office, climbing on furniture and stalking him as he blessed things and people.  He has such a way about him, full of joy and compassion, people are overwhelmed just to be in his presence.  Plus, you've got to admire someone who laughs with their whole being. No wonder thousands turned out to hear him speak the next day.

HHDL_007 HHDL_008 HHDL_004 HHDL_005 HHDL_003 HHDL_006 HHDL_002 HHDL_010 20130510_DalaiLama_132 HHDL_011 HHDL_012 HHDL_009