When Millenium's and Politics Collide

One man, one place, one light, (my new kick ass Canon 600 EX RT), one hour, 4 setups.  Ready, set, go.  This was my first adventure as a newly minted Canon photographer, and I have to say, things weren't pretty.  Getting used to totally new gear, where everything basically turns the opposite way that you think it should, made my brain hurt.  But Andy Welsh, my subject, was patient and one of my personal mottos isn't "Fake it til you make it," for nothing. When I am tasked with shooting a portrait fast, I always make sure to scope out my surroundings; looking for doorways I can shoot through, interesting angles, unique light, anything where I can make something out of nothing. Plus I pay close attention to any natural gestures that the subject makes to include his hands to give the image interest and a feeling of intimacy.  Finally, I like to do at least three or four setups, cuz' I want the New York Times to know they are getting their money's worth (they are).  And that's how the magic happens (or not).  You can read the full story of why Andy thinks politicians suck, HERE.

20130429_Millenium_004 20130429_Millenium_030 20130429_Millenium_04220130429_Millenium_039 20130429_Millenium_023 20130429_Millenium_001Ok, ok. the last one has two lights, I admit it.