Asian Students Help U.S. Religious Schools Prosper

Private U.S. high schools, particularly religious schools, are enjoying a tuition windfall from high-paying Asian families eager to give their U.S. college-bound kids a head-start through enrollment on U.S. campuses. A few months ago I photographed students at St. Mary's School in Medford, Oregon for the Wall Street Journal story about U.S. academies luring a growing number of Asian students.  It is such an interesting mix of cultures, religious school with Communist students, and irony that seems to work for everybody though.  I was also struck by the fact that so many Chinese are clearly now wealthy enough to send their children across the globe and pay $49,000 a year for tuition, room and board (it is worth noting that locals only pay $12,000).  All with the hopes of getting them into a US college where the acceptance rates are much higher (even Ivy Leagues like Harvard!) than any college in ultra-competitive China.  Want to  know more about this fascinating two about a clash of cultures and countries?  Read the full story here. WSJ-SCHOOL-67 WSJ-SCHOOL-68 WSJ-SCHOOL-69 WSJ-SCHOOL-70 WSJ-SCHOOL-71 WSJ-SCHOOL-72 WSJ-SCHOOL-73 WSJ-SCHOOL-74 WSJ-SCHOOL-75 WSJ-SCHOOL-76 WSJ-SCHOOL-77 WSJ-SCHOOL-78